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Order Fulfillment Services

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing for SMB

Small/Medium sized businesses share many of the same requirements for order fulfillment and warehousing with their corporate competitors but have a smaller margin for error. Each customer is worth more, first impressions are critical, and social media magnifies mistakes. We personalize our services to fit your niche, to provide the expertise in affordable and scalable fulfillment solutions.

We analyze your supply chain, surfacing ways to lower costs, improve customer experience and make you more profitable.

3 Fulfillment Services Examined

  • Warehousing & Inventory
  • Pick and Pull
  • Shipping & Freight

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Warehousing – Buy/manufacture in larger quantities, optimize space, organized pick routing and kitting to reduce wasted time, labor and space usage. Our team inspects your inventory as it arrives for any damage, as well as any packing list errors. We identify missed opportunities in inventory management that can cause ripple effects to your supply chain ending with upset customers and logistics headaches that can be avoided.

Inventory Management – Real-time inventory with EDI compliance, reduce back-orders and partial shipments with up to date stock/re-stock information. Supply customers with Just in Time deliveries for commercial customers. Lower warehousing costs and avoid locking up funds in unnecessary inventory.

Pick and Pull Order Fulfillment – St. Louis Team

Small to medium businesses, manufacturers and distributors need help to compete with Amazon Prime and other next day delivery services that seem to multiple every day. Our logistics team organizes your SKUs into efficient bin locations, optimized picks and provides value added logistics services that are normally out of reach for smaller organizations. Experience the highest level of expertise scaled to small but affordable order processing services. Special handling instructions, specialized packaging or oversized shipments? We can handle it, challenge us!

Shipping Services

Our centralized hub off the intersection of Interstate 44 and 270 gives us easy on and off access for expedited pickup/deliveries from LTL and OTR freight operators. Shipping with high volume gives us increased pickup frequencies from FEDEX, USPS and UPS unavailable to small business. Frequent pick-ups provides the all too valuable shipping confirmation into your customer’s hands ASAP. Weekend and off-hour pickups availability accommodates the carriers of your choice. Partial, multi-box and recurring orders are no problem. Feedback is encouraged from customer service staff and customers so we can improve our service and make you a more profitable business. New cost saving ideas are proactively brought to our clients to keep them competitive with off-shore and big box store competitors. Your success is our our success.

Small Business Order Fulfillment Benefits

  • Reduced overhead by removing the inefficiencies that come with low volume, divided attention and the opportunity cost of space/labor
  • Scale up without having to build another warehouse or distribution facility
  • Professionals organizing and optimizing your logistics