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Optimize Hardware Components Fulfillment with Kitting, Assembly, and Light Manufacturing

As customer demands grow and competition intensifies, providing kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing to improve customer experience and order fulfillment is critical for a 3PL provider.

Freight World can provide your Midwest distribution, warehousing, kitting, assembly and light manufacturing – St. Louis, MO.

The Power of Kitting:

Kitting is more than just bundling components together. It’s a strategic approach that organizes related items into ready-to-use kits, ensuring accurate, timely, and efficient assembly. By pre-packaging the components needed for specific projects or applications, you’re not only reducing picking and packing time but also minimizing the risk of errors. Kitting boosts productivity and empowers your team to focus on what truly matters: crafting quality products and fulfilling orders swiftly.


By leveraging assembly services, you’re not only optimizing labor allocation but also ensuring consistency in the final product. Professional assembly eliminates errors during picking/packing components, reduces customer service complaints, and enables your workforce to focus on high-value tasks that drive innovation and growth.

Warehousing & Light Manufacturing:

Light manufacturing takes your operations to the next level. From modifying parts to creating semi-finished goods, this process allows you to fine-tune components to meet specific customer requirements. By embracing light manufacturing, you’re not just a hardware components provider—you’re a solution provider.

Customer Experience Edge:

In today’s competitive landscape, the customer experience is a defining factor. Kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing allows your operation to keep production efficient while improving customer experience. Swift order fulfillment, consistent product quality, and customization options set the stage for customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. When customers receive well-organized kits or precisely assembled components, they’re more likely to return for repeat business and recommend your services to others.


As the hardware components industry evolves, staying ahead requires strategic thinking and innovative practices. Kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing aren’t just processes; they’re pathways to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. By integrating these services into your operations, you’re not only meeting the demands of today’s market but also shaping a future where your hardware components shine brighter than ever before.