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With unprecedented challenges to global supply chain, 3PL providers and transportation companies have had to be nimble with operations to keep importers, manufacturers and distributors successful.

Workforce – adapting to intermittent or permanent labor supply shortages has been difficult on all industries but especially hard hit has been logistics and manufacturing. We have successfully navigated these disruptions with close communications and staying flexible with our warehousing customers.

Value Added Services – we have helped our customers by providing additional services so that goods could be delivered to end clients as quickly as possible.

Cross-docking – with transportation shortages, cross-docking has provided our customers options when they are not able to arrange the ideal transportation for their freight. Creatively keeping product moving has been the key in the current logistics market.

Kitting and Assembly – temporarily or permanently taking over kitting and assembly for our clients has been necessary in the months following the pandemic. We are happy to step in to help and our customers have that overflow option when big orders or workforce issues come up.

Drop shipping – more of our clients have converted to drop shipping from our facilities to improve deliverability and add stability to their shipping process. With volume discounts with major retail delivery companies our customers have benefited from our drop ship distribution services.

About Freight World
Centrally located in St. Louis we have great access to east-west and north-south interstate highways, proximity to local railyards and the Mississippi River. Our St. Louis warehouse space is top notch in security and convenience, but our value-added services is where we really shine. We have our own trucks so can provide transportation, warehousing, and 3rd party logistics (3PL) customers.