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3rd Party Logistics Case Study in E-commerce

3rd Party Logistics (3PL) services have grown exponentially in the last few years, including with e-commerce behemoths. Learn how our tailored 3PL solutions have propelled local and regional e-commerce companies to record growth.


Sales and Logistics Bottleneck:

E-commerce has reshaped consumer behavior and expectations, demanding a logistics ecosystem that’s agile, efficient, and reliable. As the largest users of 3PL services in the United States, e-commerce giants understand the pivotal role that streamlined logistics play in their success.


Case Study: Metal fabricated parts


Be the first to market and deliver first before overseas products could sell lower quality and lower priced alternatives. A leading manufacturer needed to focus on production and fulfillment and packaging wasn’t something they could slow down for. We a great set of products they were growing but needed to make sales before overseas competitors caught up. We provided instrumental warehousing, kitting and assembly to provide unique part kits and ready to use parts better than competitors. Individual sales grew to distributor sales, and then bulk orders from major box stores. Great turn around from their previous logistics setup that was struggling to keep up with these demands, resulting in delayed deliveries and dissatisfied customers.


Freight World provided a comprehensive 3PL solution that aligned perfectly with their needs. The strategic St. Louis location served as a pivotal distribution hub, enabling efficient nationwide shipping.


– Boosted Efficiency: experienced a significant reduction in order processing times.

– Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Faster shipping times and optimized packaging led to improved customer satisfaction rates and repeat business.

– Scalability: Freight World’s adaptable solutions effortlessly scaled to accommodate their evolving needs.

– Market Expansion: With quicker and more cost-effective access to both coasts and the entire continental USA, E-Commerce Empire successfully penetrated new markets.


Industry Statistics:

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP):

– The logistics costs for e-commerce as a percentage of sales are around 25%, underscoring the importance of efficient 3PL solutions.


The Freight World Advantage:

Our specialized suite of services has positioned Freight World as the go-to partner for e-commerce logistics optimization:

– Warehousing Excellence: Our cutting-edge warehousing facilities optimize inventory management, ensuring products are readily available for fast order fulfillment.

– Custom Solutions: From kitting and assembly to light manufacturing, our tailored solutions enhance product offerings and customer experiences.



Join the Revolution: Elevate Your E-commerce Logistics with Freight World

In the world of e-commerce, logistics isn’t just a necessity; it’s a strategic differentiator. By partnering with Freight World, you’re not just keeping up with the demands of the industry; you’re leading the way.